What We Do

Our digital payments/financial transactions are processed and settled through state-of-the-art Danish technological system called 4M Platform that processes, clears and settles each financial transaction as per the order of transaction initiators through safe, secured, and real-time routing and switching. In this course, our valued and potential customers will enjoy all or anyone of the following business solution services:

Digihub Nepal Provides

Despite deploying 4M system and products, Digihub itself develops it’s own FinTech solutions as per the requirement and demand of prospective clients.

Our Products

4M Platform – Backbone of Digihub

Digihub is a licensee of Reewire’s 4M Platform implementation to help support for payments processing, clearing and settlement for required PSOs and PSPs. 4M is a robust, scalable, and agile Platform. It introduces a revolutionary methodology for easy creation and deployment of new services across multiple channels based on the Core Offerings, Hybrid Solutions and Hub Solutions that is in-built in 4M Platform.

4M is an authentic Platform built with flexibility for innovation which is designed for reliable deployment and lower-cost-delivery of financial service solutions. It can be deployed both across urban and rural areas wherever required across the world. The 4Ms cover the following:

Multi Channels and Devices

Multi Applications

Multi Partners on the Same Platform

Multi Business Models

Core Products, Hybrid Solutions & Hubs

Through the 4M Platform, Digihub offers seven core products. These are imbedded capabilities of 4M. The core services can be deployed as adapted and modified stand-alone solutions. And they can be extended and combined, with any of the other core products. The 4M core products can be installed efficiently and they can be configured with specific features and capabilities. This allows for specialized, customized and locally adapted solutions.


One advantage of a single platform is the ability to maintain a single “technology stack”. This represents a major competitive advantage as it provides clients with flexibility, scalability and extensibility at the same time, while reducing cost, risk and time to market. Thus, the 4M Platform enables clients to operate diversified strategies towards multiple customer segments parallelly. 4M Hybrid Solutions are bundles of core products with unique design and configuration. These provide functionalities, that are pertinent in specific business scenarios and market segments.

By combining and customizing the core products, Digihub can deliver specialized and cost-efficient hybrid solutions. Our single hybrid methodology can provide clients with complex solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of that of traditional methods, which involve hard-coding integration of multiple disparate products or systems.

4M Core Products

4M Hybrid Solutions

4M Hybrid Solutions are customized bundles of core-products. Each bundle has unique design, functionality and configuration. They target specific needs in vertical market segments. The vertical market segment solutions include:

4M Hubs and Ecosystems

4M Hubs & Ecosystems are customized hybrid solutions. They have explicit focus on building ecosystems and orchestrating interoperability between multiple stakeholders. These hybrid solutions are defined by three key characteristics
They address diversified needs of multiple types of stakeholders in a business vertical or market segment. The solutions include postal operator solutions, agro-business solutions, and retail and supply chain solutions.
They aggregate services from multiple service providers, service aggregators and networks into a service hub. This enables streamlined and consolidated service management, reporting, and reconciliation, as well as real-time compensation.
They consolidate payment instruments and payment methodologies, into a payment hub, providing a broad range of payment options.

The typical hub solutions and ecosystems

Agro-business solutions – for actors in the agri business sector.
Healthcare solutions – for actors in the healthcare sector.
Education solutions – for actors in the educational sector.