Who We Are

Our Goal is to Innovate and Deploy Financial Technology (FinTech) for Efficient and Secured Payments & Transfers in the Banking, Finance and Payment Industry of Nepal
We are here for to serve our valued clients making their electronic/digital payments/transfers to happen on 24/7 basis by easy, safe, hassle-free, and universally accepted state-of-the-art disruptive technology. We are capable of offering customized FinTech Solutions in the Banking, Finance and Payment Industry of Nepal to help support realizing Digital Nepal across all sections of life.

Making Life Easy through
Technological Innovations & Adoptions

Our Vision

To Become a Pioneer FinTech Solutions Hub across the Region

Our Mission

Digitize Payments and Transfers in all Sector Economies including Banking and Financial Institutions (BFIs), Non-bank and Financial Institutions (NBFIs), and Public and Private Sectors of Nepal.

Our Valued Customers

Our Values of Life

Digihub family believes in organizational core values of being always CREATIVE in their work domain and in the FinTech and digital payment industry of Nepal to serve the valued customers, community, and country overall. Being CREATIVE implies Client Friendly; Responsive; Efficient; Accountable; Transparent; Innovative; Value-based; and Enthusiastic in the FinTech Service Industry of Nepal.